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UKTC Awards 2022

Entries are closed.

Entries for the 2022 Awards are now closed. Awards are announced in September.


The purpose of the UK Technical Communication Awards is to recognise the value of clear, concise and effective information products. Whether online or printed, the impact of highly effective documentation is felt by industry, commerce, academia and most of all, users. Individuals and teams that develop excellent information products deserve to have their efforts recognised, as do the companies that invest in them.


For more than two decades, the ISTC Documentation Awards provided the UK’s annual opportunity for technical communicators to receive this recognition. They gave an international platform for companies, teams and individuals to be rewarded for their achievements by their peers. The new award scheme continues this proud tradition and extends it to encourage even wider participation.

Who can enter

The UK Technical Communication Awards are open to any individual or team, whether employed, self-employed, contracting, volunteering, permanent, temporary, full-time or part-time.  You can be based anywhere in the world – we had entrants from Sri Lanka and the US last year, as well as from the UK.

You do NOT have to be a member of the ISTC to enter, and whether you are or are not a member has no bearing on the judging process. The judges’ decisions will be made solely on the merits of the entry.

However, if you are not yet a member of the ISTC, we encourage you to read about the benefits.


There are no categories for the main UK Technical Communication Awards.  We encourage entries of ‘traditional’ product and process documentation, as well as entries that reflect the diversity of technical communication today, such as: information portals, blog posts, podcasts, books and e-books, training material, e-learning, embedded help, micro-content, augmented reality. Basically, anything that demonstrates, displays, encourages or helps the production of high-quality technical communication.

We also invite nominations for two other awards: ISTC Nominated – Excellence in Technical Communication Award and ISTC Communicator Article of the Year Award.

There are some rules to follow, so take a quick look at them before you start nominating.  To nominate someone, or to enter yourself, go here.  Go on, you and your team deserve it!