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UK Technical Communication Award

For 2018, we have simplified the awards and you no longer need to enter a specific category. Your entry will be judged and awarded against how well it meets its own brief and industry best-practice. The entry form will guide you so that you are able to describe your entry, and make the case for why it is deserving of an award.

ISTC Nominated – Excellence in Technical Communication Award

If you have seen or experienced some excellent technical communication out there in the real world — your everyday life — then let us know by emailing

It could be about that new kettle you bought, your new printer at work, an online shopping experience, or some information from the government or local council. Just let us know why you admire it from a technical communication perspective and the judges will do the rest.

ISTC Communicator Journal Article of the Year Award

If you enjoy the Communicator journal from the ISTC, give some recognition to the contributors. Refresh your memory by reading the list of articles on pages 10 and 11 of the Summer 2018 issue. Email us at to nominate your top three main articles from the Autumn 2017 – Summer 2018 issues. The judges will do the rest.