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Andy White from Experian

Winner of the Instructional category


The winner of 2013’s instructional category was Andy White from Experian, who won the award for the QAS Clean on Demand User Assistance.

What the judges said

“QAS Clean On Demand User Assistance is a very accomplished piece of work, consistent in presentation and writing style, with a good use of diagrams and colour. The instructions are easy to follow and the information is easy to understand.”

The winning entry can be viewed online at Experian Data Quality’s user assistance portal.

Interview with Andy White

Carol Colledge, freelance technical writer and editor

Awarded Merit in the Descriptive category


Carol was awarded a Merit in 2013’s descriptive category for her work on the Taxbriefs Professional Adviser’s Factfile.

What the judges said

“Taxbriefs Professional Adviser’s Factfile is an excellent example of a descriptive document; highly informative and comprehensive. The product is easy to use and ideal for ready reference; it would be a pleasure to own.”

Interview with Carol Colledge